children's ministries

As a church, we invite children of all ages to be a part of the growing, thriving ministry of our church. With spaces for newborns and toddlers in our nursery and classes for preschoolers and elementary school every Sunday morning, we welcome your entire family to take part in learning and growing towards Christ as a part of our faith-community.  Our mission in children's ministry is to reach and teach children of all ages about the love of God that they might know Him as their Savior and be able to share His love with others in their lives. Although they may not be able to fully express it, children have souls that are yearning for God and it is our goal to help them find and follow after Him as they grow. It is our desire that every child experience God-centered programs and activities at our church that will nurture them in developing their faith.  Scroll down to check out our programs for kids!

sunday school

Sunday school is offered for preschool through 6th grade. For Jr. and Sr. high school opportunities, visit our Youth Ministry page.

Every Sunday morning at 9:15am, children come to St. Mark to learn and grow in Christ! We have puppet shows, group activities, and read from the Bible. Kids learn Bible stories and real-life applications like the importance of forgiveness. 

puppet ministry

Puppets are an exciting and fun way to enhance our Christian message for children. Read on for details from chief puppeteer Peggy Groothuis: "We began very simply in Sept 2010 with only 3 puppets, a stage, and very few other, with a slew of new charactes, we've been doing a 10-12 minute presentation 1-3 times a month during the school year and sometimes every week during the summer. At Sunday school we typically perform a 10-12 minute assortment of songs and skits that go with the story of the day, but we have done several mini musicals at Sunday school and other locations/events."

CLICK HERE to see a video clip of our glow in the dark show!