music ministry

Martin Luther said, "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world."  And, we couldn't agree more!  We love music...good, faithful music of all varieties here at St Mark and we are always looking for more people to get involved.  Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary music styles or a combination of both, we know you will find it easy to connect with your faith and Lord and experience His presence in a unique way through our music ministry.  Of course we are always looking for new musicians or knowledgable music tech people to help out!

Read more and see some video clips below!

the organ - feel the spirit!

For centuries God's faithful people have sang high and loud the praises of our Lord and found themselves to be specially moved by the power and brilliance of the organ.  St. Mark is blest to have a 26 rank pipe organ. The organ was built by the Casavant Frere Organ Company of Quebec, Canada. (Opus 3797). It was installed in our balcony in 2001. It features 2 manuals and pedals. A MIDI system is integrated in the console along with a sequencer and several digital stops.

Contepmorary worship band

We are blessed to have some outstanding musicians in our contemporary band and service.  From all the popular praise songs on the radio and in your library to custom arrangements and original works, our band "Crossmarked" makes it easy to connect in praise and worship with our Lord.


Musicians and performances are only half of the equation in a quality performance; the acoustics and sound engineering are just as important.  At St Mark we have a brand new state of the art worship facility and sanctuary that features the latest AV equipment.  We want to offer only our best to the Lord and our TECH MINISTRY team helps us do just that.  Do you have tech talents?  Come and connect with us!

choirs & special music

Here at St Mark we love to sing to the Lord, resounding our praise for His grace and mercy.  Leading the way is our Choir and special music ensembles.  They include:

  • Adult Choir:  The Adult Choir is a group of men and women ranging widely in age and experience, who meet for rehearsal on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 PM from September to June. The Adult Choir prepares music of many styles and sings primarily on Sunday mornings, usually at 8:00 AM, about twice a month. The goal is to praise God "skillfully" (Psalm 33:3) at our worship services and to enrich and build up our own faith life as we work together for common goals. The Adult Choir is director by Michael Kesar.
  • Men's Choir:  The Men's Choir meets on various days, as announced. They specialize in singing the great hymns of the church in four-part harmony. They also branch out into other styles. A high musical ability level is not required to join. The Men's Choir is directed by Michael Kesar. 
  • Handbells:  St. Mark is equipped with 5 octaves of Malmark Handbells. Groups of ringers are recruited for various Sundays. A new director is needed for to form an ongoing group. Contact the Director of Music if you would like to ring or learn to ring.
  • Special Music:  Throughout the year String Ensembles, Wind Ensembles, Brass Ensembles, a Chamber Orchestra, and Vocal Ensembles are formed to provide special worship music. Soloists and Cantors also enrich our worship of God.

All members of the congregation are invited to join in and share their musical talents in any of the above activities!